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Ginger Spice Shows Off Her Bra and Tits of the Day

I like watching Mom’s with young kids doing their errands because they are so exhausted, burnt out, and not giving a fuck about much after just spending the last 2 years producing a motherfuckin human in their stomach, propelling it out of their pussies, then having to take care of the fuckin thing, day and day out like it was one of those virtual pet games from 1999 that my stepdaughters used to have and that I always managed to kill, only the real life version, and the reason I like watching them is because they just don’t give a fuck. They’ve had doctors in their cunts, they’ve had their tits in their babies mouth in random public places, and now that all that is over, they miss the attention they got, because their husband is too busy hating his life, and they love that their bodies are 75% of the way back to how it was, and the whole thing makes them a little more prone to having body parts fall out of their clothes, cuz they just don’t give a fuck anymore because they are too depressed to bother….

Here’s Ginger Spice and her bra, not showing enough of really anything….but you can see her bra if you look hard enough, you depserate fuck.

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