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Cheergirls by Giovanni Lipari of the Day

I don’t know much or really anything about Giovanni Lipari, other than than he shot this amazing Cheerleader inspired shoot that is pretty fucking hot, for obvious reasons, or to the retards out there, he got girls dressed like Cheerleaders posed naked, and it’s not even for porn or softcore porn, its for fashion….the kind of fashion you can masturbate to…

What I did find was a site called THE DEATH OF YOUTH ….with a lot more nude pics….to really dig through and understand his photographic vision that I think you’ll totally dig…I mean that is if you don’t have a cheerleader fetish, even though we all have a cheerleader fetish, even Debbie Does Dallas was based on a cheerleader fetish…and that was 70s porn…I used to masturbate to..and probably still would because of the bush alone…and I love bush.

Either way, here are the pics.

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