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Hefner’s Girlfriends Smoke Pot of the Day

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There’s a funny law in California that my friend told me about and that I have done absolutely no research on because I don’t live in California, that involves these medical marijuana clinics that resemble cigar lounges that are all over the fucking place. They have menus with all the different types of marijuana products available that day for the people who have the membership cards.

To get a membership card you need a doctor’s note, so there are tons of doctors out there prescribing the shit to people with various ailments that don’t exist or that can’t really be tracked like anxiety, arthitis, fibromyalgia, and a handful of other bullshit disorders.

There’s a video of Snoop talking about his prescription to medicinal marijuana where they ask him what he prescription was that got him the card and he looked in the camera, smiled and said something like “anxiety”. If anyone’s ever seen snoop, dude’s about as anxious as a fucking sea turtle laying in the fuckin’ sun for 12 fucking days straight, and I don’t mean Coleen Rooney on vacation.

The reason for this is because pot should be legalized and the USA is just taking babysteps.

So the fact that Hefner’s twins smoke pot legally shouldn’t really be an issue and the fact that they sell their whore bodies should be….America is so fucking backwards. You can own guns and blow shit up, you can legally whore yourself, but you can’t smoke a fucking joint without getting in a mess with the law. I just don’t really get it and I don’t even smoke pot, that shit makes me fucking paranoid, so those of you who do, should get up off your lazy snackin’ asses and do something about it, but I guess that’d be like asking a bunch of paralyzed people to organize a run for their cause…if you know what I mean, you lazy sack of shit.

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