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Some Girl on my Facebook’s Girlicious Pictures of the Day

Girlicious is some whore reality TV produced act that is pretty much a subsidiary of Pussy Cat Dolls because the same slut is behind the two projects. They are basically a group of girls with moderate dancing ability, moderate singing ability and moderate lookin’ good in lingerie ability. I don’t know what message this gives the kids who are too retarded to realize that the shit sucks a good moral mentor to a group of youth already being raised by over-sexualization on TV because their parents are too busy at work paying off their credit card debt and no-down payment mortgages.

I stole these off some girl’s facebook, because facebook is a bigger deal than this site and a good way to meet sluts, like the one I had cyber sex with last night. I started off nice and romantic to get her into it and had only made my way to rubbing her pussy over her underwear while sucking her tit, when she was already telling me to do her from behind but not in her ass cuz if I did she’s be mad, it was her “no zone”, even when talking dirty on the internet. That’s when I excused myself and went out to the garden shed, pulled out a shovel and smashed her face in for ruining our love making session to teach her a lesson. After doing that, she stopped answering me and now I am scared I killed her…..with the internet… who really needs real life…..

Either way, here are some pics of them performing at what I assume is the Backstreet Boys concert they are opening in Canada.

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