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DrunkenStepfather Trailer Park Boys Giveaway of the Day

The Trailer Park Boys are a hometown favorite. You know, Canadian white trash idiots showing the rest of the world what Canada looks like, and acts like, making everyone think that all Canadians are like the trailer park boys…I guess making a mockery of us…and I guess doing a lot better at it than me…

People love their shit…they’ve never asked me to be on their shit…but they did offer you guys tickets to their premiere of their new movies and since I never give you assholes anything, I figured I would post this – giving you the option to go to the premiere.

All you have to do is comment or email me at info (at) drunkenstepfather.com.

Here are the details…

Giveaway: Must be a US resident / 2 tickets to LA (Sept 3rd) or NY (Sept 12)
Leave a COMMENT in the DS posting about the TRAILER to enter

Sept 3rd – LA premiere + after party of “Swearnet”
Sept 5th – Netflix premiere of “Trailer Park Boys” season 8
Sept 12th – Nationwide release of “Swearnet”

The Trailer Park Boys are one of the most successful Canadian comedy exports EVER, but in Swearnet, when they lose the rights to the Trailer Park Boys franchise, they find themselves being just out-of-work actors, struggling to pay the bills. In the wake of losing a coveted TV network deal, the guys stage an all-in comeback by launching Swearnet.com (a real life active web channel), a balls-out, offensively extreme internet channel that is complicated by their post- fame lives, at-odds relationships and trademark hilarious hedonism.

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