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My First GLAAD Complaint of the Day

It’s a celebration motherfuckers. I finally hit the mainstream and one of my jokes has offended someone enough to file a complaint with GLAAD, some gay and lesbian group who don’t get jokes….This is what they wrote me….

Dear Mr. Jarrett Barrios, GLAAD President, GLAAD Advocates, And Staff at DrunkenStepfather.com,

The following material was brought to my attention on DrunkenStepfather.Com

(Referencing a skinny man on a beach with Paulina Porizkova): “Here is some ex model hanging topless with some dude who clearly has AIDS”

Please see the link below:

To GLAAD advocates and Mr. Barrios:

this is unacceptable material and warrants immediate action.

To the publishing staff at DrunkenStepfather.com: I request that you post a formal, written apology posted on your websites that explains why this comment is not appropriate and the mistake you have both
made in publishing it.

In the event you do not understand why such comments warrant such an apology in light of the world AIDS crisis, in light of entrenched homophobia in this country, and in the light of the history of how the AIDS epidemic has been handled politically, feel free to be in touch. I would be happy to discuss it with you.

A sincere thanks to Mr. Barrios and the advocates at GLAAD for creating a culture that honors humanity and acceptance. Thank you for continuing to fight this continuously hostile environment.

David Cohen
New York, NY, Portland OR

This is what I wrote back:


I do not know who Mr Barrios is and I don’t know why saying “some dude who clearly has Aids” is an GLAAD issue? Have we not got over the stigma that AIDS is a gay disease? I mean are the Black Panthers going to get upset at me over this too, since AIDS is actually an issue in Africa? Your claims are racist and imply that saying a skinny man looks like he has aids means he is a homosexual male I find them offensive and will file an incident at GLAAD against you. Motherfucker. It’s not my fault your family doesn’t accept your sexual orientation. Stop taking out your unhappiness on me and get off the computer making compliands and get on a gay pride float in a pair of leather chaps where you belong.

PS – I never apologize for what I write, especially to idiots who don’t know how to read what I write properly. You are the one who owes us the apology for putting words in my mouth, like you’d probably like to put cock in your asshole….Asshole.

PPS – I am a homosexual

With Love,

Jesus Martinez

Makin’ hate work for me since I started this shit….

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