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I am – Petra Nemcova is Pretty Boring But Hot of the Day


I got a thing for Petra Nemcova because I find her hot, but bitch bores the fuck out of me, and since you’re reading this site, she probably bores the fuck out of you. She’s all about saving the fuckin’ world, and nothing annoys me more than girls who think they can change the fuckin’ world, unless they are bottle whores in the club with no panties on dancing on the bar and their idea of changing the world is getting wasted and letting a dirty Mexican Finger bang them in the bathroom.

Either way, Petra’s got charities running and going to charity events and helping poor people, but none of that shit’s helping me. She gets caught in a Tsunami once and her boyfriend who should would have ended up dumping anyway dies, and all of a sudden she’s on this fuckin’ mission to do good because she came so close to dying and realized that God didn’t take her from this earth when she was so close for a reason, or some other self righteous shit that makes her want to do good, when in reality, God doesn’t exist but if he did, he made her in Czech and Czech girls are whores and she should step up her game and live up to that shit instead of this do good because I almost died lie to herself.

I guess the point of all this is to say that I feel like I am always on the verge of death and you don’t see me going door to door asking people for their spare change for poor kids on Christmas, but I probably should because I know a dude who used to be homeless but instead of buying a bottle, he bought a suit and found a name tag in the garbage and decided to go door to door pretending he was a charity organization, instead of being the pissed covered drunk in the subway station, begging for a quater for a coffee. Within a month,dude realized he was onto something and now he’s fuckin’ balling like he was hip hop with a house, car and a charity business he only puts 5% of the money towards the actual cause and the rest in his pocket. Rags to riches motherfucker.

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