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Jane Fonda Drops Cunt on TV of the Day

This was a funny clip that reminded me of Valentine’s Day but probably doesn’t remind you of Valentine’s Day because Jane Fonda says Cunt on morning TV making me believe that things in mainstream media are slowly moving to the stepSIDE…..Either way cunt reminds me of Valentine’s Day because the shit is so accessible today, every single girl or girl who’s boyfriend didn’t get her a nice enough gift is out there ready to get her legs spread like butter on toast by anyone they can get because Valentine’s Day is a total mindfuck for chicks that makes them either feel completely inadequate or completely amazing depending how it is played out….

Anyway – Since you don’t get cunt, even on the easiest day to get cunt it would be more appropriate if she said something like “Lonely Virgin who will live a sad life and die alone after years of let downs but will always have his hand to satisfy him until losing all interest in sex and giving up on boners and orgasms or until that really inconvenient accident that happens when building a shed in the backyard to store your Star Wars memorabilia leaves you crippled and handless, unable to masturbate but at least you’ll always have the option of whores once you get past the neurotic behavior you’ve developed being alone for so long, making you scared of hiring whores partially because you don’t know how to fuck chicks and don’t want to look bad or feel unable satisfy someone with so experience and because you’re lonely life has led you to being a bit of a hypochondriac and whores are dirtier than your immaculately clean home and bed sheets you obsessively change everyday because it gives you something to do at night during commercial breaks of your favorite shows”……..or something like that….

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