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Google Ad of the Day

I was checking out some obscure fairy tale art on Shocaseme, and this google ad popped up on the site and I found it worth posting…

Partially cuz the ad featured as 15 year old looking girl with implants showing her panties, something you all like a little too much, but more importantly because along with Facebook, Google is normally the fucking oppressor of all things fun. They cancelled running ads on my site within the first 6 hours of running their ads on my site back in 2004, and since then I’ve hear horror stories from people getting their money held by google, basically never getting paid by google, pretty much cuz they broke the rules by posting a pic of a bitch in a bikini, while their running this porn ads across their network, on sites that are totally unrelated to sex, porn, babes, smut, etc, cuz they don’t let sites like that in their network….

It’s a hypocrosy. I’d say 60 percent of google, youtube, facebook business is porn and sex related and without porn or sex they wouldn’t exist…but they white wash the shit and pretend they are legit. Fuck them porn peddlers and fuck you too….Now stop fucking yourself to a banner ad, I didn’t mean “literally” fuck yourself.

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