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Gordon Ramsay Stares at Nudist Men of the Day

All Brits are gay, you can tell by the way they talk, those accents scream poofter, so I’m not surprised Gordon Ramsay’s wife has the face of a man so that when she sucks him off he can pretend she has a mustache and it’s not too much of a stretch or the fact that Ramsay is taking a mental snapshot of that old man’s hot ass so when he fuck’s her from behind he can visualize this….

Here’s the bonus shot of the wife in her bikini….

Pics via Bauer

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Gordon Ramsay and His Slut in a Bikini of the Day

I’ve seen the Hell Kitchen show and I find it annoying. Dude’s a fuking whining baby who has this intesity that gives me a fucking headache. I’m like if you don’t like it motherfucker, do it your fucking self. His high standards are too fucking irritating, but I guess he doesn’t carry that over into his personal life, because if you’re curious about what motherfucker’s eating in his sparetime off camera, here it is and shit’s definitely not fine dining, but more like the kind of meal you’d be stuck with at the caferteria of your grandmother’s old folk’s home, but as someone with no standards in anything I do in life, and who would eat 6 day old moldy leftovers I find in the garbage in hopes that they food poison me to death, she looks hot to me.

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