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Sarah Palin’s Politician Slut Daughter of the Day

Governor’s Shirt that Reads “Broke but not Flat Busted”…Classy….

So there is some huge scandal about the Republicans and their whole pro-life and teaching abstinence in schools bullshit, because the Governor of Alaska and McCain’s Vice President candidate, Sarah Palin, who is a pretty hot fuckin’ politician and grandmother and ex-beauty queen has has a 17 year old daughter who just finished being teen pregnant out of wedlock and may be pregnant again despite having a baby and is rumored to be marrying her baby’s daddy or some shit to justify the moral fight her mother is fighting and make it look less fucked up than it all is….

Now I am one to blame a parent for the way their daughters act, except when it comes to teenagers fucking because I am a fan of that and it’s kinda just the way things go. You can blame Sarah Palin for is thinking that abstinence is a possibility and not a dated ideal or myth that never really worked since we all are horny and like fucking and always have been horny and liked fucking and it’s hit her family directly. You can also blame her for the fact that she is anti-abortion and her teachings lead her daughter to bring a baby into the world, making her pretty unattractive to future men who don’t like a chick with baggage as much as they don’t like a chick who is anti-abortion for fear of knocking her up and being stuck to her for life, when all they want to do is get off. I guess in a lot of ways it is hypocritical to stand there preaching one thing, while the product of your household have turned your family into some kind of Jerry Springer Baby Daddy episode, proving that your thinking is not relevant to the world since it didn’t even work in your own home.

Either way, it’s stirring up some shit and I got this email:

Bristol Palin. That’s the name of the daughter of the lady that wants to be Vice-President of the U.S. I want to know if she’s hot and I want pictures (non nudes you know – she’s only 17)

She’s 17 and pregnant which means she fucks – but if she’s going to be spending any time in the White House she ought to be hot. That Clinton slag was awful and I don’t want a repeat of that shit in my country. It’s already bad enough without more ugly sluts in DC.


P.S. Find out if the mom (Sarah Palin) has any sex tapes/photos? If she doesn’t I suspect there will be tons of them if her party is elected. She looks just as slutty as her daughter.

Then I got this email:

here are some pictures from the Myspace page of a girl named Mercede, who happens to be the sister of the father of Bristol Palin’s baby.   (or both babies??)

They show underage drinking, guns and all things that make this Sarah Palin republican kinda full of shit, but in their defense, if I grew up in Alaska, I’d be drinking and fucking and shooting things all the time too since there’s not much else to do, not to mention with a name like Mercede you’re kinda setting her up to be a drunken party slut at birth, but I wouldn’t be trying to enforce lies that got her family into this whole mess to the rest of America because it doesn’t work.

Sure you can’t judge her family life and her kid’s decisions in regards to her political talent, but I tend to blame the parents when they have fuck up kids for fucking up somewhere down the line and so does the rest of the world. Maybe her real life experience will provide some insight to how the world actually works when she’s in office and I don’t care either way, since I am in Canada and whether you are an Obama or McCain supporter or not, you can still look at this and say shit’s a little fucked up and that’s all I have to say about that.
Here are those myspace pics of Bristol Palin’s baby daddy’s teenage sister, I expect a lawsuit soon.

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