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Some Grammy Bullshit Recap of the Day

I hate award shows….especially ones used as a jerk off fest for the 15 songs we hear non stop on the radio all fucking year to the point we want to rip out the throats of the cunts being thrown down our ears….but I got sucked into watching a few minutes of the shit…only to be reminded that this shit is not relevant anymore…it’s a dated system that doesn’t reflect what any actual music lover acually loves….likes here or even respects…it was a horrible miserbale joke….

Firstly shit was morbid as shit….from memorials…to Whitney shoutouts…to L.L. Cool J shoving his religion down all our throats by making us pray….which to me was beyond fucking offensive…preacher fucking J while vapid celebs who only care abou themselves pretended to care…

Then it celebrated women beaters…it remained a jerk off fest…that merged shit artists by linking them up with each other shit artists….in horrible collabs…it offended me at my core….and the only thing I liked was Taylor Swift on the banjo cuz I fucking love banjos…

I also liked that the world is forgetting gaga – which is nice

and that Rihanna actually brought the most hotness and it worked for me…

and that Katy Perry wore tight clothes showing off her dumpy body and annoyingness in Performance targeted at speaking to her recent divorce cuz she knows you gottta milk it…..

The pics….

Then there was Paris Hilton threatening us all with a new album…happy someone finally cares enough to talk to her….hysterically remiding us that LMFAO are little rich twats from Beverly Hills….

And The fact remains….Ryan Seacrest is a twat….while some Deadmaus was wearing Skrillex’s phone number becuase I guess it is battle of the over-hyped college scene DJs who make too much fucking money and get too much fucking pussy….even if this kinda publicity stunt is actually pretty fucking funny if legit….

Jesse J was there….

Kate Beckinsale…..was there…..

Whitney Houston wasn’t there….Who gives a fuck….people were asking me to rip apart Nicki Minaj…even though she has big fat chick tits and my penis is too small to even touch the edges of her nasty twat…but I feel her performance….the high school drama class performance…did a good job humiliating the bitch for being a lady gaga attempt at controversy pulled off worse than Lady Gaga does it…not to mention she was hiding her tit. The one redeeming quality her college theater club ass has…

Here’s the performance….

Now you can kill yourself…..I know I want to…


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