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Paris Hilton’s Grandfather Can’t Believe Her Bra of the Day

William Barron Hilton has seen a lot in his day. He ran a chain of hotels and that alone is pretty exciting stuff. He’s had staff, prostitutes, high profile parties, but yet like the rest of us, just can’t figure out what the hell has happened to his disgrace of a granddaughter’s tits.

Sure he gets bitch played the industry and made a lot of money doing it, butdude’s got 8 kids and probably a lot of grandkids, but for some reason the only one we know is this fucking trash can and like any good dirty grandfather, he’s probably watched her sex tape on repeat and has had her pay him special visits back when he announced he wasn’t leaving her any money leaving any money to her in his will, making her work him the only way she knows how, with her pussy….and now he just can’t grasp what’s going on here, maybe he’s wondering if she got implants, or if she’s on the pill as she should be cuz she’s a dirty pig, or maybe it’s just a magical bra and I’m sure he’s more concered with the herpes she gave him…..

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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