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Greta Aukstuolyte is Naughty of the Day


This is “art” not amateur porn.

Just a heads up…


I know the nudity, the weird fetish positions, the finger in her mouth, the ORGASM face would all lead to “this is pretty fucking sexual for a girl on Instagram trying to be a model and get followers”…because it is pretty fucking sexual for a girl…it’s how they get fucking followers…they’ll just deny it, or pretend it’s more concept than gratuitious because all these people, especially younger people…are fucking retards…

Her name is Greta Aukstuolyte…and I’d like to be her friend….because this is what she does for free, imagine what she’d do for her rent payment…

She’s lithuanian, in Milan, is a “Freelance model” and has 3000 followers…give her a break…you bullies….she’s just being hip and current and tall and skinny and lovely…deal with it..

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