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Ashlee Simpson and Grimace Were Separated at Birth of the Day

McDonald’s has ruined many people’s lives by jacking them up with shitty processed high calorie food that has caused premature death and obesity related diseases, but to make things worse, they have also alienated any of the obese people they have made from wearing purple because shit just makes them look like Grimace and leads to lots of pointing and laughing and making little kids cry.

Here are some pictures of Ashlee Simpson in a purple outfit lookin’ like her and Grimace are cut from the same cloth, but purple doesn’t make a monster, being Ashlee Simspon does. So as she peddles her low quality garbage clothing line at low income clothing stores scraping the bottom of the celebrity barrel, she can swing by McDonald’s to see how her old friends at McDonaldland are holding up since she left them many years ago, I hear Ronald’s a convicted pedophile and Hamburglar has changed his name to Hamburgerapist, but neither as bad as this Grimace, who went onto marry a gender bending weirdo who knocked her up and did this to her….

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