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Grimes New Video and Some Tit Licking – Girl Kissing of the Day

Grimes is some producer and performer from Canada, who apparenly lives or lived in the same city as me and who I didn’t seduce with my charm enough in efforts to ride her wave to fame…You know, K-Fedding her after she becomes huge, remembering me as her old friend from before she was famous after fame broke her down….but I am unaware of these things when it matters….

I catch wind of shit after the ship has sailed and bitch has already become overhyped, cuz I know she’s blowing the fuck up on the indie music scene, we’re talking rockstar status, invited to all the big events, annoying……

I’ve heard her album a few times, and even if it isn’t my normal music I masturbate to since I prefer the sound silence, not the song, but the actual sound of silence

….but she’s good…. not as good as she is at licking tits at a party….and tonguing a girl….but good none the less.

Here are some pics of her licking titties….and if that’s not good enough for you, you can watch her new video….she’s doing some fan boy shit and looks good….but I prefer the dyke behavior…and posting the pics is the kind of shit that will get me beat up locally by the lesbians…

Who cares. It is all good marketing. More importantly…I’m just posting pics, it’s not like I took them or posed for them….it’s all on you….you grimey bitch.

On a sidenote, these may not be pics of Grimes…someone emailed me and said they were, but I have facial recognition blindness.

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