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Some College Girl Grinding a 7 Year Old of the Day

When I was 7, I didn’t have babysitters, but I was just left alone to fend for myself for days at a time, but if I did have babysitters, I would have wanted to be like this slut, who drops her pants and teaches me how to grind like I was up in the club. Maybe that way I would have been better prepared last night when 2 girls decided to stick their asses up on me and all I could do was shove my hands right down their pants to finger them, assuming that’s what they wanted, when all they really wanted to do was dance. It would have saved a lot of headaches after they ran up to the guys they were with and told them how I went for the gold and that seemed to really piss them all off. You’d think they would have appreciated my opinion on how they should trim their bushes a little more, if not shave them bald, if they’re going to head out to a dive bar and let dudes stick their hands down their pants or even kick back and let me finish the job I set out to do, instead of being frigid prudes about it. I guess my fingers aren’t nearly as magical as I like to think they are….Watch the video.

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