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Gunther Von Hagens Car Accident

I was being driven to the science center to check out an exhibit called Bodies In Motion, not this Bodies in Motion, it is some Gunther Von Hagens exhibit. If you are interested in finding out more, click the related links….he does things with dead bodies and I find it cool.

We were driving through an intersection and some dude made a left hand turn into us. We all had our seatbelts on, we were all sober, but we hit hard. I am feeling mangled right now. My sternum (front of my chest) is fucking killin me from the seatbelt my 240 pound body destroyed. My back is killing me, I am in shock and I am having a hard time breathing. I am a pussy, I established that a long time ago. I don’t like pain and I don’t like dying.

Everyone else in the car is fine, drinking and laughing and I’m here, on the computer convinced that I have internal bleeding. I am going to try to update, but it hurts to sit on a computer.

This is all part of the fun of being neurotic and a hypochondriac, you always think you are dying and when something bad finally happens, you only assume the worse. The one good thing is we all walked away, there was no blood. So if any of you are driving tonight, be safe, cuz some crazy fool on a suicide mission, may do the same thing to you. And if this post is too serious for the site, I apologize, but I am not feeling all that funny. And if you all wanna say it’s karma, the reality is if it was karma I’d be a lot worse off.

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