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Gypsy Taub’s Nudes of the Day

There was a pretty big story last week involving some prominent politician having some creepy illegal immigrant attack their husband in their home late at night and they are blaming the orange man for it.

I am of the school of thought that it is the people who are exteme and encroaching on my ideas of freedom and normalcy that push people to the crazy….when things go too far down the degen slide….

The idea that extremism comes from an influencer on tv, or on the dark web, is really dismissive and passes the buck from the people who actually push people into the other side, which is the oppressors themselves, who oppress too hard, that people say “I’ve had enough”…all this “the orange guy made him do it” is idiotic to anyone with a brain, but I guess when you look at the covid rollout, you see, people literally don’t have a brain of their own, the ability to critical thinking, and have been conditioned to just do what they are told or what they think is needed of them, ice bucket challenge! So in conclusion, people are fucking retards….

Anyway, the guy they arrested and the gay sex orgy conspiracies that came with it, with some EPIC memes because it wouldn’t be the first time that gay sex orgies happen to perverted rich old white men, in fact I wrote a script in 1998 for a movie based on a rich guy fucking a homeless guy and killing the wife who got in the way of their gay sex, which was pretty dark back then, but normal now…..

ANYWAY….the “intruder” has a kid with some weird nudist porn chick named Gypsy Taub….who has a GYPSY TAUB WIKIPEDIA PAGE because that’s how big of a NUDIST she is…

So along with giving birth to his kid, and giving her teen kids sex dolls and other creepy things in and around the San Francisco area….she also has a huge archive of nudes, and I’m sure you’ll think “she must be a conservative Christian from outside a the urban centers, who just believes in God, Family and country”…..and not some fucking freak….

Anyway, as a nudist she’s been naked….as a degenerate who needed money and attention she’s been in porn…not just any porn, as far back as 2004, this old bitch, who the “attacker” has a kid with, was doing pregnancy porn….lesbian porn….peeing porn….just like all “radical Christian Conservaives”…

The whole story is either fake, or definitely not how they are posturing it, but who cares about that, when you can look at the degenerate baby momma the attacker has been with for decades, who he has a kid with, and who he was naked best men at her naked wedding to another dude, he probably has sex with, because that’s how Hippie communist protestors turned “MAGA”….live….

They are clearly mentally retarded, weirdo hippie activists who seek attention, who try to get noticed, so if it’s not a gay romance, it’s a fucking set up….to take blame the conservatives or some shit, it’s pretty obvious based on their behavior.

I can’t confirm or deny these are all her, I spent 15-20 minutes googling it, that’s the kind of Journalism we do in these parts without your FINANCIAL SUPPORT…

Fucking idiots. We’re in MAGA country now…LOL…

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