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Hadid Sisters are the Sister Fetish of the Day


Anyone who has dated a girl who has a sister, and possibly some of you who have sisters, will know that sister fetishes are a totally normal thing…

This can include wanting to see sisters go at each other…like a couple of lesbians showing off the moves their dad taught them to entertain his bowling team buddies…you know just masturbating together for attention because girls love attention…

It can also include wanting to fuck the sister of the girl you’re fucking, even if she’s not as hot, not that you ever end up with the hot sister, loser…because fucking girls from the same family…seems bad…

Making these Hadid Sisters…milking the attention they are getting…touching each other…like their media / fame whore / money grubbing Los Angeles based family taught them….and I find it hot…because 2 are better than 1….

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Hadid Sisters Have Tits of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 6.00.02 PM

Let most girls who have hit puberty and aren’t breast cancer survivors…the Hadid sisters have tits…tits that if they were practicing Muslim and not just Muslim named LA brats who probably got their tits on their 16th birthday, like how most LA tits are grown, would not be this exposed…but thanks to being tainted by white model mother blood…they’ve learned exactly how to maximize it all…and as a dude…who only really cares if there’s vagina..this doesn’t really excite me…I’m pretty desensitized…but I will say if I was to end up on a Deserted island, this is the kind of tit I’d want to be stuck with…as long as it was lactacting…

That’s it for now…fascinating stuff..right..

Here she is in Australia Vogue…and By She I mean GIGI…the other one doesn’t count yet…

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