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Cindy Brady Pukes from a Hangover in a Radio Interview of the Day

Here is a funny video that you can probably relate to of the actress who played Cindy Brady hungover during some morning radio show where she excuses herself to go puke, all in front of her 10 year old son. When asked why she did this, she said that she drank too much wine the night before, that she isn’t a drinking and that if she didn’t excuse herself, she would have puked all over the radio hosts faces, something that may turn on my 1 Asian friend who I recruited at a Chinese restaurant because he started talking to me about how amazing of an eater my wife was. I am hungover everyday, the only time I puked was after drinking a bottle of Triple Sec or some other obscure drink you aren’t supposed to drink, but do because you are an alcoholic and it’s the only thing around. I don’t frown on hangovers or drinkers and think Cindy Brady, despite not really being around anymore, is my kind of star. Today, I feel a lot less guilty about jerking off to her braces filled mouth while watching Very Brady reruns.

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