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Hannah Kleit Sounds like Clit’s Hot Shoot of the DAy

Hannah Kleit sounds like Clit….and that’s good enough for me…

All posing dramatic like – in some very important photoshoot that features at least one nipple, which is the star of the shoot…and a reminder that she should push things a little harder even though we noticed these pics…they’d be better spread eagled.

I am sure that the normalization of spreading your ass and pussy on instagram is around the corner, and I am sure EVERY girl takes that pic for her internet boyfriends she is cheating on her husband with….

I am from an era before girls posted bikini pics, and bikini pics were a huge deal and you’d say “I didn’t know she had a body like that”…..

We are now in an era of posting tits pics being as mainstream as McDonalds…

But I’m waiting for that social norm to be applied to spread ass and pussy.

It just makes girls more interesting when you can see their clit, rather than their name just sounding like clit…at least the way I’m reading it…which is probably wrong…cuz I’m dumb.

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