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Harvey Weinsten Found Guilty on Two Counts of the Day

The verdict is in, Weinstein was charged with two counts of predatory sexual assault and faces prison time.

I really thought Weinstein was going to get off and not just into plants, or wherever it is that fat fuck got off. I wasn’t officially rooting for him, because he’s a fucking slimy piece of shit who should go down. I hate rich execs living in excess. I just thought he was easy to villainize because of the way he looked and the stories that were told of him. There was no way to not make the “leader’ or the “figurehead” of the #metoo movement go down.

It was a big fucking story that rocked hollywood, even though shit like this goes on all the time, and I really didn’t give a fuck about it. Like I didn’t give a fuck when Dov Charney was accused of having sex with willing employees, or like I didn’t give a fuck when Terry Richardson went down for fucking aspiring models trying to use him. I just saw it for what it was.

So in ways, I did side with Weinstein because I wasn’t a firm believer that the girls were innocent. I am an old school asshole who feels that if a woman wants to use her sex appeal, her flirtatious ways, and who goes to shady meetings with someone she is trying to get something out of, it’s extortion, and if she gets raped in the process, she’s the idiot for being there, trying to live that hollywood life through her hollywood in.

I am SURE many women in Hollywood at all levels have had to put up with sexist jokes, it’s a boys club, but I am also sure that not all of them put up with it, or go to meetings at 3 am with their tits out.

As an ugly fat man, I can see how easy it would be for someone like Weinstein to get swept up in the whole “so many girls into hollywood are whores, look how far I can take them”….when at the top of his game in money and career and industry praise….it takes a certain level of psychopath to become some big time hollywood exec, and pyschopaths do shit like rape.

So it is official Weinstein is a rapist, we already knew that, and good on taking down the rapist, but it takes 2 to get raped, at least when it is white collar, Hollywood rape…not home invasion, back alley rape…..because “the victims” all knew and were trying to work with the dude, they all thought they broke through his walled world and had a shot…and they were all a bunch of fucking users trying to use him.

Not to mention, Hollywood runs the media, and there’s likely more to the story, it could be a set up from rival or bitter execs. Lots of money circulates…and I am sure Weinstein isn’t the worst of the creepy rich guys out there, and I am sure he won’t be the last to go down…and all in all…fuck Weinstein. Take down all of Hollywood. I just think there are other more deserving.

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