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Hayden Panettiere for Yahoo Style! of the Day


Hayden Panettiere in water by Yahoo! Style, which I guess hasn’t gone bankrupt with their INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY CEO…who has apparently bankrupted the massive, iconic, probably could have been GOOGLE company…not that that matters…what matters is that Hayden’s sitting in water, like her fetus in her womb that she wanted to kill, because postpartum is a serious mental health issue, that ends up with dead babies….in bathubs or the trunks of cars after the mom drives into the river…but not in Hayden’s case…she was very hollywood about it…and the amazing thing about it is not this artistic interpretation of those fragile moment’s in a young mother’s life…it amazes me because after seeing her baby daddy, I am amazed she even felt the baby crawl out of her banged the fuck out vagina…

Fascinating stuff……

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