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HBOobs of the Day

HBO continues to make TV worth watching because they show tit and a show without tit is a show I can’t bother sitting through. Sure, I think the success of HBO is good, cuz it proves that people like tit on TV and I am sure when they get bigger and stronger, more networks will start stepping in the fuck up, meaning that one day, my dream of seeing Kelly Rippa diddling her twat while interviewing some Disney star may come true….I think the internet has proven that as a people we like smut and if TV wasn’t such bitches to their advertisers, then maybe good things will happen, not that seeing Sasha Grey Naked is really exciting, but I guess a pornstar on TV naked is a far cry from a pornstar in a bootleg video you bought from some dude who smells like stale cum years ago.

We are making progress….

So here’s a bunch of clips from True Blood, Entourage and Hung featuring people like Sasha Grey, Anna Paquin, Kate Luyben, Tiffany Taylor, and Jessica Kramer…half are actors, the other half porn stars on various levels…

I realize most of you have already seen these clips, cuz most of you watch this shit, but I don’t, so it’s new to me and that’s all I have to say about that….

Emanuelle Chriqui – Entourage

Sasha Grey (I hate her attempt at going mainstream. She is over-hyped garbage) – Entourage

Jessica Kramer (another pornstar/penthouse pet you’ve already seen naked) – Entourage

Anna Paquin – True Blood

Tifany Taylor Dyking Out- True Blood

Kate Luyben – True Blood

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Some HBO Nudity to Start the Day of the Day

I know everyone watches these bullshit shows like Hung, Entourage and True Blood. It’s like this shit is the new Seinfeld, Cheers, or Golden Girls. It is like the cool thing to do for mainstream pieces of shit who like to sit around and feel like everyone else or at least like they can fit in with everyone else especially for useless conversations that go down around the coffee machine….It’s like if you don’t watch this shit, you aren’t an active member of society and I guess that makes me subhuman, cuz I can’t be bothered with this crap, although the creator and writer of Entourage is my facebook friend, but we didn’t need popular TV trends to tell us that….

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining that HBO proves that people are smuttier and more perverted than the Christian run networks want to believe….I like to think it is kinda opening the door for me to one day have my own TV show about poverty, hookers, teenage runaways, stepdaughter lust, a fat wife, alcoholism, celebrity harrasment and good times…unless I die of a failed liver first…or just forget my genius idea due to laziness..

So here’s Merrin Dungey’s Right Tit on Hung

Sasha Grey is a worthless cunt who I think is totally overrated and boring, despite how graphic her porn gets, she is full of shit with her “Sexual Performing Artist” goth bullshit and she was Naked on Entourage…but if you want you can just google her and see her taking black cock in her ass, meaning her naked ain’t a fuckin’ thing…Cunt.

Dania Ramirez and Sasha Grey on Entourage

Anna Paquin Ass and Tit on True Blood

Anna Paquin and her worthless bisexual body in a bikini on True Blood

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Little Britain USA is Fuckin’ Crazy of the Day

A friend of mine who I used to work out with about 10 years ago for about 2 months sent this clip of the new HBO show, Little Britain USA, which is a spin of of a UK show called Little Britain, that is some comedy show that makes fun of social observations. The reason I am posting it is because one of the 20 times I went to the gym with this dude, we went down to the locker room to put our coats in a locker and for him to take a shit because we had come with all our gear on and we walked into what seemed like a homo party.

Dudes were showering together and chatting about fucking chicks and getting drunk and business and all other things and when it came to drying off decided to stand right next to me as I patiently waited for my friend to finish and they continued to chat about random shit. So they stood right next to me completely naked for at least the 5 minutes we were in there, completely naked, drying off, as if neither wanted to make the first move to put some clothes on because it would lead the other one to believe that they aren’t as macho, or as comfortable being naked as the other one or some weird jock shit. So neither was budging, just naked, chatting about all things business and I didn’t think they were fags for being Jimbo’s together, or being naked next to each other, because it really wasnt that big of a deal, and if I was more comfortable with my small penis, I wouldn’t give a fuck who saw it, but it would be more on an in and out procedure and not a casual, uncomfortable encounter that seemed never ending. Even when I chimed in and told one of the dudes that I think they’re dry enough to get dresss, they freaked out on me calling me a faggot for watching them change, when the truth was it was hard to miss two assholes having a leisurely conversation naked.

This clip is pretty much exactly what happened to me, and I wanted to share it with you.

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