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Pharrell’s Fiance’s Amazing Titty Slip is the LOLZ of the Day

This is one of the more ridiculous pics I have ever seen of a titty flash. I mean clearly not staged, obviously funny as shit, from Pharrell’s facial expression, to his bitch’s tits on blast for the world to see just how not substantial they are, not that he needs substantial tits, I’m a firm lover of small tits, it usually comes with good everything else, but they are definitely not the kind of tits you’d want the world to see, because the world is a mean place full of haters, who can’t embrace a natural beauty in this world filled with objectified women….

That said…check out her titties as she trips. This should happen to every girl who leaves the house….everyday…and posted to Facebook and google street view, you know giving them more of a purpose than just jerking off to beach bikini pics….

Her name is Helen Lasichanh and she seems like a lot of braless fun. Miley’s gonna be jealous, cuz she’s the braless bitch up on Pharrell’s dick who he should be catching….

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