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Helen Wood Topless Hooker of the Day

Helen Wood Topless Hooker

Helen Wood – an ex hooker – I know what you’re thinking and by you, I mean me, because I am the only one who reads this site and I don’t even read it, I just write it out..and never revisit it again, but yes, I know what I am thinking and that is that all these women featured on the site are in some way, shape or form an actual hooker, because they do slutty shit to get paid. That could be applied to all women, but I think it really applies to the semi famous, aspiring famous types because they CRAVE the celbrity life of luxury and break through doing hooker shit..

Helen Wood, she’s a legit hooker, who got paid 195k BRITISH POUNDS – cuz they are British and my computer skills can’t find the little L instead of the Americanized “S” for $$$….by Wayne Rooney – who is married and has kids with some other Hooker looking bitch….but 195k that is fucking crazy but not overly crazy to make her tabloid fodder, got her on Big Brother, and allowed her to write a book about being a hooker…only to bring out the big gross tits for the paps cuz she got her hooking this far, might as well take it further…

Here is her friend LOUISE’ nipple too..
Helen Wood Topless Hooker


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