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Helena Christensen’s Big Old Tits of the Day

Here’s one of those first generation Victoria’s Secret models…

Now in her 50s…rocking a set of tits that Michael Hutchence auto-erotic asphyxiated himself to….

The Wicked Games music video star…all old as shit with the tits out..

Exciting, if you’re into watching things rot.

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Trying to Look Up Helena Christensen’s Skirt of the Day

Once I got over the belief that girls who do sports are dykes out of my head and realized that girls who bike are generally girls too poor to take the bus, like students, hippies and unemployed girls with low expectations, I started noticing them…and since starting noticing them, I realize that any girl in a skirt might as well shouldn’t bother wearing a fucking skirt, cuz shit’s useless, and they are pretty much flashing cunt the entire ride, and most importantly, that sniffing a warm bike seat when the hot bitch you’ve been following parks to get an ice cream, is one of life’s greatest gifts…..

Pics via Fame

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