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Teresa Dilger and Henriett Barabas for LUI for France for Freedom Fries of the Day


Here are a couple of models named Henriett Barabas and Teresa Dilger….for a French Magazine, for France….because in the event you didn’t know, there was a pretty deadly attack on the heavily racist city….that could also be seen as infidels because of shitty security measures as those socialists barely work, or because they celebrity good life, good nudity, good tits, good sex, good food, good wine, good party…all pretty pretentious…

Even their men’s magazines, like LUI, it’s not porn, it’s a men’s site, and this is a shoot that isn’t porn, it’s a men’s site, it’s not porn, it is product placement for a Jewelry company…and there are a few extreme close-ups on the jewelry…to get that point across because they only way to get men at a Men’s magazine to notice Jewelry is by throwing in some tits….

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