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Anderson Cooper is a Hero of the Day

I am hating on CNN after watching it for an entire day with my friend, I think they are candy-coated news, but Anderson Cooper and the doctor are seriously doing good for Haiti and this is an example of motherfucker saving an injured kid, whether it is for his own ego or not doesn’t really matter, he’s there and doing his part and you’re not, so donate if you can, this Haiti shit is fucked up and I’ve been working on adopting a Haitian 18 year old girl, but my efforts have fallen on deaf ears cuz I don’t know who to talk to and apparently asking for one who likes giving blowjobs warrants getting hung up on….but I’m just trying to do my part… desperation is usually the only reason I get laid to begin with so I don’t see what they think the big deal in asking is….either way…crazy video.

Facebook Shut Me Down Cuz They Are Racist- So Add My New Account

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Honoring a Hero of the Day

Here is our soon to be fallen hero, because the motherfuckers know who he is, but he needs some credit for having a good fuckin’ run at being the campus Peepin Tom. Sure he’s going to take one for the fuckin’ team and his catalog of work will be pulled off whatever website he’s been submitting to, never to be seen again, but the least we can do is give him a tribute, a parade, maybe a statue, maybe even assign a local school to get their fifth grade glass to do a poetry contest about him, or maybe this post is all he’ll get. Either way, watch the video.

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