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Easy Girl cuz She’s High of the Day

I don’t know about you, but I know the easiest girls to fuck are the ones who are so fucking high they they they are riding a unicorn with a stubby horn on a journey to a magical palace, instead of getting back alley raped, it makes them a lot less reliable when it comes to identifying her attacker.

This video of some high bitch is pretty fucking funny and pornographic to those of you who know they need this kind of prescription artillery to get a girl to agree to bang you, it’s the whole reason you went to medical school.

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Dead Heiress Running Around in Her Panties of the Day

This is too funny……Nicky Hilton and Whore Who Fucks Her Dad Bijou Phillips went after Tila Tequila to get their dead friend’s dogs back…I guess cuz they know Tila killed Casey to get some publicity or maybe because they know Tila Tequila is a leech piece of shit we can only hope ends her suffering that’s she’s clearly been medicating with pills. I hate this rude, unstable, delusional talentless hack. She should have never been let off of myspace, America wronged us by trying to cash in on the Internet the only way they knew how….at a time they didn’t really get the internet….

I hate the bitch and her twitter addiction…I hate her twitter army of retards and I hate that she had a career off being a useless nobody. I hope the rest of the world will too.

The whole thing is stupid mainly cuz in a week no one will care about this death or the latch on trying to get publicity cuz of the death even if the latch on ends up ending herself.

Seriously, these people are not that important…we don’t really care…I just like the fall of Tila…I’ve seen it coming for a while….

Here’s a better video of the fake couple back when the bitch was alive – running around the streets in her panties…cuz that’s the kinda shit crackheads do….

This is TIla Tequila and Casey Johnson clearly high as fuck…..

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