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Rachel Bilson and Her Saddle Bags of the DAy

I am not a stylist, but I do have a penis, and my penis tells me that this pig of a woman needs to rock a pair of baggier pants or at least develop an eating disoder, because she is reminding me of my early childhood back in Mexico when the local vendor would pile up all his clay on the back of a fucking donkey, the same donkey my mom’s friends would fuck on stage for gringos, and I’ll tell you it’s not leaving a good taste in my mouth.

Sure, I know, hips and curves are supposed to be sexy and erotic, but I think that’s just propoganda the junk food and fast food companies are pushing on bitches so that they keep buying and sales don’t go to shit….or maybe this is just the product of aging and being engaged, a sign of what is to come, another bitch I wanted to fuck when she was on TV bites the dust kind of thing….

Either way, I’m not a fan…

Pics via Fame

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Hayden Panettiere’s Hips Don’t Lie of the Day

Here is Hayden Panettiere and her weird looking hips, that I guess look like that because she doesn’t have enough leg to support her needs, so she’s busting out sideways, cuz it’s the only way to go. So she’s short, stalky and not really a girl I’d want to get with, unless I was touring with a circus, and she was the only realy pussy other thatn the bearded lady on the fuckin’ bus, so we are all forced to pass this bitch around, you know it’s lonely as a carni and you make do with what you’re given, not that I’ve ever been in a circus, or really turned down midget pussy, but sometimes it is nice to pretend.

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