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Will.I.Am Hologram Interview of the Day

I had no choice but to post this shit because it fuckin scares me. When watching it last night, I freaked the fuck out, thinking of the possibilities of integrating this shit into every house, making phone calls, TV, Porn, Webcam Sex a hell of a lot more interesting, it could let me be in 10 places at once, but unfortunately, I don’t have 10 places to be, so it just left me confused, scared and uncomfortable about where the world is goin’ with this technology shit. It’s nice to know some assholes have invested whatever amount of millions of dollars into this, you know with the world crumbling apart, people being ravaged by AIDS and Cancer and poverty, it’s just smart allocation of funds, so that Will.I.Am can do a stupid little dance when half of the world is watching him on CNN talking about politics, when he’s just some cheesy mainstream rapper with an opinion that really doesn’t matter. I know you’ve all seen this, but I really had no choice but to put it up, because it gave me nightmares last night.

On a side note, here’s Obama’s Kenyan relatives/grandmother doing a song and dance for her grandson before slaughtering a goat to really show how happy their tribe is for the way he turned out by not being raised in Kenya with them.

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