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Homosexual Exorcism of the Day

If you are into wearing women’s panties, or having truck stop dick in your mouth, or maybe even a secret love for a dick in your ass with a beard brushing up against your testicles, you don’t have to live the gay life. You don’t need the leather assless pants. You don’t need the gay twang or gay sex or style, you can just go to your local “Gay Hating Church” and sort it the fuck out, but be careful cuz the last gay exorcism I heard about turned out to be a themed party that was less about getting the gay demons out, and more about getting the gay demons all over each other’s faces in some kind of orgy in the basement of a leather bar, but they were nice enough to give you a loot bag when they were done with you that was full of HIV, and by loot bag, I mean colon.

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