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India Salvor Menuez by Harley Weir for Purple of the Day


India Salvor Menuez is some hipster in NYC with orange pubic hair, who I can tell by these pictures is pretty fucking annoying in how she intellectualizes the white feminist plight….the kind of girl who does some period art, or who advertisers her orange bush like it’s some kind of artist statement – without realizing that bush is fucking awesome and it’s also NATURAL and normal…something lazy fat people who don’t fuck also have and celebrate…it’s not a fucking socio economic political theory stance to have…

But with that comes some responsibility to get naked as often as she can to get noticed – because she’s got some higher purpose things to say…she’s got a message to get across…and instagram followers to try to collect…because that’s all these people who pretend to have any depth are after…with their shameless narcissism and self promotion…

This isn’t smut – this is art….

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