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Ines Melia & Juliette Dol by Olivier Zahm of the Day


I don’t think Ines Melia or Juliette Do really matter, or that these photos are produced by the creator / owner / hipster icon Olivier Zahm from Purple Magazine…

I don’t think it matters what the brand of lingerie that put this together is….

I do think that the fact that there is bush is fucking iconic, amazing, I love pubic hair and always have and feel that guys who don
t are weird pedo faggots…

I do think the fact that sheer lingerie is actually sheer in the catalog, you know show the product for what it is, like it was the Sears catalog in the 70s we all jerked off to, that couldn’t afford to airbrush out the nipples at least not fully…

Because underwear that is sheer, should have bush that is visible and I’m just made it is not bigger…thicker…matted…wetter…but loving it none the less….good job guys…keep up the good work..

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