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Jeff Gordon’s Wife Ingrid Vandebosch in a Bathing Suit of the Day

So for those of you who aren’t Nascar Fans, Jeff Gordon is Nascard driver and Ingrid Vandebosch is his wife….She’s 41. She was a model from Belgium who only made it into SI in 2008 after marrying an athlete…but who did other work…I’m just not sure what caliber of work and I’m not gonna bother looking for the titty pics…that I can only assume exist from back then….cuz that’s what modeling is about…it is a soft sell, easier way to convince girls to get naked for money, by disguising it as fashion and art….

Who cares, here she is a mom of 2 in a one-piece…cuz she knows she’s 41 and not what she once was before being a mom of 2.

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