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Ioanna Ntenti Hot for Grazia of the Day

Ioanna Ntenti is some Greek model who was winner or runner up of Greek’s Next Top Model, where I hear one of the tests was not performing Anal sex with editors of magazines in order to get jobs, because Anal sex is normal sex in Greece, and in being Greek, it’s kinda just what she does….the asshole is the primary orifice and we find that almost as fun as Feta Cheese…and Souvlaki…

I guess she’s making some moves, she’s in Grazia Italia, not showing her NIPPLES SHE’S SHOWN BEFORE …because that’s all part of being a model…but she’s got a rocking’ body that unlike the Greek women I buy my chicken from, who has a moustache thicker than her three sons named George….I want to actually fuck…rather than just closing my eyes and stomaching it…oh the thing’s I’ll do for free food….

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Ioanna Ntenti Hot for Air France of the Day

Ioanna Ntenti is Greece’s Next Top Model’s 2nd Runner up, whatever that means…and all I see is a babe who I’d like to feed Greek food before going Greek, because you can’t go Greek on an empty stomach…even though you probably should if you’re looking to not accidentally shit all over the dude you’re going Greek with’s dick….not that going Greek is called going Greek to the Greeks, that’s just regular sex, the anus is the vagina, the vagina is for baby making, and as a small penis man who hates condoms, already smells like shit, and doesn’t want unwanted pregnancy, Greek works for me…and so does this Ioanna bitch, cuz she’s fucking hot….

Here she is for Air France…because I guess Air France is so fashionable they do bikini photoshoots…unlike the discount airlines I fly who barely afford uniforms for their fat tired staff…

Here she is on Youtube in her underwear looking hot..

I’m in love.

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Ioanna Ntenti Amazing Model Tits of the Day

My next wife. the one I end up knocking up and having a family with, after this site makes me a billion dollars cuz it becomes a cult classic, eventually tricking the mainstream….is gonna be a model…

See up until this point, life’s been pretty shit…women have been shit, the wife has been shit, and after eating the shit for this long, I feel I deserve to be with a model with great tits….

The reason I like models is simple…they are cool, hot and secure in their looks cuz people pay them for their looks and thus secure in themselves…allowing them to focus on what is important…having fun…in a life of luxury with no fucking stress cuz they have the easiest fucking jobs….

Her name is Ioanna Ntenti. She’s from Greece and thus has two vaginas…one in her asshole and the other where traditional non greek pussies go….and she’s topless for tank magazine…and I’m liking it…so much I can practically smell the shit on my dick…but that could be totally unrelated to these pics….if you know what I mean.

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