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Bianca Gascoigne Takes Her Tits on her Irish Tour of the Day

I mean I guess she has no choice but to bring her tits on her Irish tour with her, since they are part of her, but she does have a choice to not have them busting out all over the motherfuckin’ place, but with a face like that, I guess the choice was made for her when she was born, you know, since she’s ugly.

I am sure she fits in nicely in Ireland though. I go to Irish pubs out here and the kind of crowd those places attract are pretty fucking ugly. I’ve gone out once for St Patrick’s day, and the girls that shit attracts are pretty fucking ugly. It’s like hot girls with style no to stay the fuck away and leave it for the farting, beer guzzling, big mac eating, beer bellied, big headed chick with a four leaf clover tattooed on her hip to match her the tattoo of every lyric to every bad song for her to scream along to on her brain. If you know what I mean…

Here are her tits….and I have no idea who she is….

Bonus – Look Guinness, You’re Famous..

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