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Irina Shaik’s Beach Bunny Shoot of the Day

I guess this mail order bride is doing a whole lot better than the one I just paid 3 dollars a minute to see piss in a cup while some mobster in the corner of the room who was making sure she didn’t cry for help from their cam girl basement studio looked on from across the room but off camera.

You see this mail order bride wasn’t abducted, but instead landed a modeling contract, because I guess she was hotter and taller than the other girls, good to put into the mainstream media to monetize, because you know this modeling shit is probably just as corrupt as the sex trade, but no one ever looks into it because they are blinded by the luxury.

So instead of using fuck machines for perverts on the otherside of the world, she dates homosexual soccer players and puts on bikinis, and as far as I’m concerned, she looks pretty good doing it.

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