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Jacqueline Oloniceva for Agent Provocateur Lingerie of the Day

Jacqueline Oloniceva is a relatively unknown model…and she’s doing some catalog shots for what is probably the more interesting of the lingerie companies out there…because they tap into old classy throwback shit….that comes across as high quality, borderline fetish gear for the average shopper willing to spend 4 times the price on underwear than at Victoria’s Secret…and it is worth it…cuz it has that 1920s imported lace sexiness…versus the functional and scientific implant making padded bras of Victoria’s Secret….which are deceiving….and more importantly in every trailer park in north america….

So that when you undress a girl and she’s wearing Agent Provocateur….you know she’s probably the kind of girl who washes her vagina regularly and who uses those fancy powders and perfumes on herself….to makes eating her out taste less like a loose meat sandwich….and more like heaven….

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