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Jacquie Lee Titties of the Day

I don’t know who the fuck Jacquie Lee is but writing out her name fucking annoyed me…but I did it because of her big cleavage…you see, tits suck me into whatever scam being pushed on me…and this scam is some “THIS IS THE VOICE”….”TEAM CHRISTINA”…who you know the agents and management probably already had her signed but knew The Voice would be a good launch since she was unknown and it’s a nationally broadcasted TV show that only Old People watch…make that bitch HOUSEHOLD..

She’s only 23, but was on The Voice in 2013, when she must have been 10…I don’t do math…I feel like that’s enough Jacquie Lee content for the day…but check out them tits…they are LARGE which is really what it’s about here…because I won’t listen to her music, but I will stare at the tits…as you do with tits being shown off liek this…

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Jacquie Lee Got Tits of the Day

Jacquie Lee is some brat who has “Professionally Unemployed” as her instagram bio to mock all you people who are out of work right now. To be like ‘OMG working is for losers, be like me’….

I’ve never heard of her, but she’s got tits, and based on everything I know, tits are all you really need to get my pervert attention.

She seems to be more than just an entitled cunt on social media who mocks poor people, by bragging about her luxurious unemployed life, like the daft piece of shit she is….

She’s also an American pop singer you’ve never heard of from Colts Neck, New Jersey who is best known for being the runner-up of Season 5 of NBC’s The Voice in 2013….where I guess her team decided to launch her as a Selena Gomez looking pop act because it’s better than buying bus shelter billboard ads to integrate her into the minds of the people…

But none of that matters, we’re only here for the tits….oh and the insensitive off color mean spirited bratty instagram bio mocking the unemployed in this time of everyone being unemployed.


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