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Jaime Renee Smith’s Tits on Weeds of the Day

I don’t know what the show Weeds is…I mean I heard about it in passing years ago…but I don’t know what it is about, what it is on, who is on it and even if it is still on the air. All I know is that when I used to have a TV many years ago, finding tits to jerk off to was limited to scrambled porn, french late night TV, the occasional sex show, and kids shows.

We didn’t have bare tits, we had Baywatch and Jennifer Aniston’s hard nipples on Friends….music videos and Barney….

It’s like TV is trying to compete with the internet and I guess sexing it up is the only way…

Kids have it too easy these days…I remember scavenging and being creative for orgasms…it wasn’t handed to me on a silver platter.

We are all doomed…

Her name is Jamie Renee Smith, her IMDB hasn’t been updated since 2009 cuz no one cares about her, probably the reason she’s getting topless on TV. The video I posted turned out to be fucking weird video…I assume the file is corrupt – but the dialog is too good to ignore and not post…here are the pics….

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