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Jenna Haze and Taylor Momsen Hanging Out on Stage of the Day

Taylor Momsen did a concert at the House of Blues in LA last night and she invited her friend Jenna Haze….who has been seen IN HER NEW MUSIC VIDEO and IN BED WITH HER and for those of you who don’t know…. JENNA HAZE IS A PORNSTAR star of her new video JENNA HAZE , the pornstar….and these are the pictures of what happened….fascinating to some…as obvious and cliche as when my dog pees on a fire hydrant to others….but a little more exciting, because it takes a certain identity crisis to leave her easy life getting decent acting jobs, being wholesome and non sexual, to strip down and whore out for a band that only gets House of Blues gigs, not selling out arena gigs…

The good news in all this is that at least they are playing it up, even if it is for college level girls trying to get the boys to notice them, obvious, it’s still happening….and that’s more than I can say for some girls who won’t even entertain the idea of eating a pussy, even though every girl I know only masturbate to lesbian porn, figure that one out you fucking dykes…you’re all fucking dykes…

Here’s some video of the concert I refuse to watch…

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Taylor Momsen and Jenna Haze Together in Bed of the Day

Taylor Momsen turned out to be some pretty hot pussy….her teenage rebellion led her to dropping out of Hollywood to start some rock and roll band….that she realized did better if she performed in lingerie…like she didn’t give a fuck…giving us something to jerk off to…and I’ve Posted a Ton of Her Smut ….

But the good news is that she hasn’t done a Miley and turned all non-slutty and wholesome and toned down while preaching love instead of giving us something to want to fuck as hard as we did when she was illegal…..kinda like her 18th birthday stopped all that hard half naked work cuz there was no point as the scandals wouldn’t get as much reach…. cuz no one gives as much of a fuck about about a slutty teen girl the day she turns 18….

She’s instead started hanging with Jenna Haze….who you can see in various AMAZING PORN CLIPS OF HER BY CLICKING THIS LINK …..and although Jenna Haze is not a huge fan of mine….She got mad when I made fun of her for looking like she shit herself in a bikini , causing issues in my AVN Judging sideline work, thanks to her manager/boyfriend contesting me….I still think she’s one hot, passionate about being a whore, whore…and really that makes these pics…a good thing…hoping to see more of them togeher in Vegas next weeek….

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