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Jenna Jonathan is the Glamour Model of the Day

Jenna Jonathan is on some MTV UK show called The Valleys, that I assume is their version of Jersey Shore….and this bitch is the Snooki, only unlike Snooki, who wanted to be a profession pasta eating pig to fit in with the real Italians, this one wants to be a Glamour model….

Her fake tits inspired by her idol Katie Price. They claim she’s got a Law Degree…and luckily for her it is all paying off for her…I mean if you’re a broken male attention seeking slut who had a fucked up childhood cuz daddy either touched her too much or too little, you might as well be getting in magazines, rather than stripclubs or other more dangerous places….this here is far more Glamourous….

Lucky for her guys have no standards, see tits and get excited, it is all it takes for them. I have facebook, I see what kinds of gremlins some of you fuck. They make this Jenna Jonathan, who finally made her dreams come true and all it took was getting topless, look like a Goddess….

It’s depressing but we gotta love these basic girls with basic dreams doing basic things when those things are topless.

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