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Jenny Watwood Nude Photoshoot of the Day

Jenny Watwood naked in a chair

I have never heard of Jenny Watwood, but she looks 45….and like she’s doing the best she can to get instagram followers by being on Playboy, who have been decided the future of their business is doing nude shoots that you can’t quite post all the nudes of on Instagram, so you post the semi nudes and say “for the actual nudes, check our site, you pervs”…a strategy I should be taking but takes too much work…

I would be more interested in Playboy’s hustle if they were smart enough to use bigger names in the business, rather than these no names, like step up your talent pool…I mean this Watwood chick would likely get naked for anyone in their hotel room, even if they are sexual predators, for free…because she wants them followers…

But she’s naked…and you can almost see vagina…which is a big deal in this world of Playboy not posting up vagina pics…when the vagina is all I care to see in photoshoots.

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