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Glamour Model Jess Davies is a Topless Supergirl of the Day

Jess Davies….so much to say about Jess Davies…but none of it matters because Jess Davies doesn’t matter. She is an interchangeable topless model, who is just trying to stand out amongst the other topless models, so that she lands a soccer playing husband as a retirement plan, because it’s better than working as a strip club waitress. She may have daddy issues, stemming from him not loving her, or loving her too much, and really I don’t need to analyze the psychology of a topless whore getting paid to be topless only because she gets topless and not because of her beauty, but more because of her bra size. I am here to see a cheap attempt to make nerds cum to pics of her and I have a feeling it is totally working….all dressed like supergirl and shit…enough to lock a socially awkward motherfucker in the bathroom for at least 5 minutes too overly excited too last even in masturbation. Making these pics worth sharing.

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