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Miss July 2011 Not Naked of the Day

Jessa Lynn Hinton is some Playboy chick…and all Playboy chicks look the same kind of stripper trash with fake tits and I can’t help but hate the shit…cuz it’s played out and too 1990s…if I needed a fake blonde, with fake tits, with an average at best horse looking face, thanks to the fake lips, I’d just go to my local stripclub and pay 10 dollars a song, and if I’m really into it, I’ll throw her an extra 50 to suck my fucking dick….making gawking at nudes of this bitch, or any bitch Playboy has recruited the last decade, pretty fucking pathetic….They need to go back to their roots and get high profile bitches you’d never see naked, naked…and for the centerfolds, just mix it up a bit, cuz I may have never seen this bitch naked before, but I feel like I already have and that doesn’t sell magazines….

All this to say, I should be a marketing exec at Playboy….but I’m too busy trying to make out her vagina definition in her jeans…

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