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Jessica Burciaga is a Shitty Model Who Does the “Hand Bra” of the Day

This nobody is some Mexican American low level “model” who was in Playboy last year and has been in a bunch of garbage magazines keeping her nice and obscure…because there are hundreds of girls in the world who are just a cheesy and as hot and as willing to get half naked as this bitch, making her nothing special….

I don’t know where these girls are from, or what makes them think they have a right to put out these kinds of pictures, but I blame Myspace cuz they all seem to seriously love getting in front of the camera and the only reason people notice is because we’re all fucking perverts…

I am not posting these pictures I am her fan or think she’s anything special, but because one of her fans emailed them to me and I got angry, not because there was a half naked girl who looks like every other cheesy half naked girl in shitty cheap glamor shot, but because she was doing the low level, bottom-feeding model who doesn’t really want to go nude, but wants to be as racy as possible to get noticed move…and that’s covering her tits with her hands…until she realizes the only way to make it is to let dudes cum on her face on camera…

It’s called the “hand bra”, there’s actually a fucking term for this stupidity and these fake models refer to it as a “Hand bra” and all I see is a cocktease whore who thinks she is better than what she is, who probably wears Ed Hardy and who should be getting paid to take cock, or give lap dances, but somehow her ego got in the way….and she’s just getting more attention than she fucking deserves…with her stupid fucking “hand bra”….

I hate this shit…just show us your fucking tits…it’s not like you’re holding out on anything that fucking great you cunt….

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