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Jessica Lord See Through of the Day

Jessica Lord is not Traci Lords which is unfortunate for her because Traci Lords is the ultimate troll around….I am sure you all know the story, since I know the story and I am a full retard who doesn’t remember things, like how I am not allowed to use the word retard, and how my boss will send me to sensitivity training, something I probably need, since I have zero empathy, psychopath qualities I call Autism…so judging me is discrimination towards my condition….

That said, I also don’t follow porn, even though I am flagged a porn site, so the fact I know Traci Lords’ story means you know the story…she was 15 and pregnant, got a fake ID and did porn until she was 18 and quit 2 days after turning 18 so that only one of her porns is legally allowed to be viewed, if that…otherwise shit is illegal…allowing her to be this HUGE name…to launch a mainstream acting career…where she did basically every John Waters movie…

Point being, Jessica Lord, is not Traci Lords or Traci Lords’ daughter, she’s a UK actress, 22 years old, in some shitty movies including Party of Five Redo, which you had no idea even existed, because Party of Five to you died to when Jenifer Love Hewitt and Neve Campbell turned 35….

I guess this is her big reveal, her “LOOK AT ME I AM AN ACTRESS WITH A JOB”….see through cuz tits get you noticed….it’s all so basic and simplistic I don’t know why every girl isn’t naked at all times for career improvement…seriously…I guess a lot are, but we need ALL nude ALL the time….

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